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Designed for the littlest joy-makers, celebrate baby's first Eid with a collection of outfits, sleepsuits and accessories guaranteed to make everyone smile. We have all the picture-perfect rompers and embellished dresses you could ask for, whatever the occasion. Choose from smart baby suit sets, lace embellished dresses, classic comfy Eid sleepsuits and everything in between.

Neutral Baby Cotton Sleepsuits 5 Pack (0-2yrs) (N33348) | OMR15 - OMR16
Neutral/White Smart Baby Romper, Bodysuit And Socks Set (0mths-2yrs) (N35633) | OMR10 - OMR11
White 5 Pack Strappy Baby Bodysuits (N33588) | OMR4 - OMR5
Blue Baby Eid Sleepsuit (0-2yrs) (N33267) | OMR4
Neutral Woven Top And Bottoms Set (0mths-2yrs) (370607) | OMR10 - OMR11
Blue Floral Baby 6 Piece T-Shirt and Shorts Set (262584) | OMR13 - OMR14
Pink Floral Baby Party Frill Sleeve Dress (0mths-2yrs) (N34643) | OMR8 - OMR9
Lilac Purple Baby Printed Footless Sleepsuits 3 Pack (0mths-3yrs) (N33026) | OMR10 - OMR11
White Essential 7 Pack Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuits (615805) | OMR5 - OMR6
Sage Green Baby Shirt, Trousers and Braces 3 Piece Set (0mths-2yrs) (309854) | OMR12
Navy Blue Smart Baby Waistcoat Sleepsuit (0mths-2yrs) (D65252) | OMR7 - OMR8
White Smart Shirt, Shorts And Socks 3 Piece Set (0mths-2yrs) (N35691) | OMR12