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From the first ever Monsoon boutique opening in London, today we know the brand for beautifully made outfits for a special occasion, as well as delightful accessories. Be inspired by this season’s Monsoon dresses for women and girls, with coordinating pieces.

Monsoon Blue Paula Embellished Midi Dress (C82353) | OMR88
Monsoon Ola Blue Embroidered Midi Dress (C71191) | OMR83
Monsoon Grey Lauren Embellished Midi Dress (U71385) | OMR78
Monsoon Nude Sammie Embroidered Maxi Dress (A91300) | OMR88
Monsoon Blue Hemp Denim Tiered Midi Skirt (C82590) | OMR36
Monsoon Pink Cancan Sequin Ruffle Dress (C75566) | OMR34 - OMR39
Monsoon Pink Military Detail Embroidered Blouse In Sustainable Viscose (U86095) | OMR31
Monsoon Leah Blue Embroidered Midi Dress (C42982) | OMR51
Monsoon Natural Isabel Lace Trim Blouse (C77704) | OMR28
Monsoon Black Morgan Hooded Padded Maxi Coat (T21929) | OMR93
Monsoon Pink Michaela Maxi Dress in Recycled Polyester (A91299) | OMR57
Monsoon Pink Ditsy Woven Long Sleeve Dress (C60037) | OMR18 - OMR20