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Children's Occasionwear


A beautiful array of outfits for special occasions for girls and boys. From sparkly dresses to Smart Suits. Look through our selection of girls' and boy's shoes to complete the look, including a wide range of accessories.

White Chino Shorts (3-16yrs) (C64391) | OMR4 - OMR6
Pink Pretty Embroidered Long Sleeve Soft Mesh Dress (3-16yrs) (N31962) | OMR12 - OMR15
Lilac Purple/Pastel Rainbow Sequin Sparkle Party Dress (3-16yrs) (N31966) | OMR11 - OMR13
Ivory Taffeta Bridesmaid Bow Dress (3mths-10yrs) (750090) | OMR17 - OMR20
Red Cotton Summer Dress (3mths-7yrs) (N13167) | OMR5 - OMR6
Cream Floral Tiered Mesh Dress (3mths-7yrs) (197914) | OMR10 - OMR12
Blue Bow Party Dress (3mths-7yrs) (N32797) | OMR11 - OMR12
Grey Embroidered Jersey Shirt and Shorts Set (3-16yrs) (102875) | OMR10 - OMR14
Cream Embroidered Mesh Party Dress (3mths-7yrs) (192442) | OMR10 - OMR12
Olive Green Pleat Detail Short Sleeve Taffeta Dress (3mths-10yrs) (291305) | OMR9 - OMR12
Pink Embroidered Mesh Party Dress (3mths-10yrs) (879470) | OMR9 - OMR12
Pink Floral Baby Party Frill Sleeve Dress (0mths-2yrs) (N34643) | OMR8 - OMR9